Sunday, 26 May 2013

Abu Dhabi Second center for jet’s US Cheap Flights

The fight for the India-US aviation routes is getting heater, with Cheap Airfare of Jet Airways setting up an alternative international flights hub in Abu Dhabi, from where it will take off to Newark, Chicago and New York.

The business class Cheap Domestic Flights plan is part of the marketable cooperation agreement among Etihad Airway and Jet Airway, in which the foreign transporter has decided to take 24 per cent fairness in the later. The scheme has been sent to the government for approval.

Jet’s presently flies from India to Toronto and Newark via Brussels. The new Cheap Airfare flights would make possible it to take government-owned Air India Flight’s head on, as the last connects the same three points through Delhi and also direct to New York and Chicago. And from Mumbai through to Newark and via New Delhi to New York’s in the US. The conjunction will too challenge the regime of Emirates amongst West Asian carrier more than the lucrative Indian-US marketplace.

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