Thursday, 6 June 2013

Four Latin American airlines to now operate With Cheap Airfare under Avianca brand

Latin American traveler booking cheap airfare tickets on dissimilar carriers working out of Latin America shouldn’t mystify any other.

 Media reports newly said that four airlines base in Latin America have united and would now be airborne underneath one single product. The move about of the airlines is intended at added boost their market attendance in Latin America.

The information said that Tampa Cargo, Aerogal, Avianca and TACA Airlines have connected hand and would be in service under Avianca Holdings S.A. underneath Avianca as a profitable name.

Through the collective services beneath Avianca, the person's name and branding would now be positioned across every the 160 aircrafts, advertising and the entire client service points in the Europe and Americas.

The move about of the four carriers has been describe as a familiar sight decision and an significant milestone in the aviation the past in Latin America over and above that of Avianca.

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